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Sweet listening
Today I finally slept about 8 hours. My insomnia is retreating. With a little help of my friends sleeping pills. I took a sleeping pill for the first time in my life.

8 hours sleep is a good start. But today I felt myself so bad like it was bad end. Almost a week without full-blown sleep turned me into ruin. But I have my pills and soon I'll be fine :)

Today I had found myself Oi Va Voi's music again. Since 2006 when I had got "Laughter Through Tears" I listen it from time to time but never tried to find other their albums. Till today. Now I have three more and I definitely like them.

So sweet to listen!

I was really surprised to know that Oi Va Voi is a british band.

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every time i took a pill i had weird psychedelic dreams :-)

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