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A Gift
Today I've bought a book. Certain one. For four years I bethought it at odd times. It is "A Gift Of Wings" by Richard Bach.

Four years ago I received "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" as a gift from the very special person. I had got a present and a strong recommendation to read "Illusions" as well. Along with "Illusions" I bought "A Gift Of Wings" and took it on my vacations in Montenegro.

In Lviv I gave "A Gift Of Wings" (as a gift fo sho) to that very special person. Read pages kept vestiges of Adriatic sun and shiny sea salt crystals... Till I gave it away I had time to read just about a half of book.

I still remember how I loved it from the first pages. Short stories from Flying Magazine took me into the clouds with every detail of the pilots control, helped me to touch the limitless sky, inspired me... Now I'm really glad.. happy to have this book, to enjoy with magic stories, to finish read it eventually!


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